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In addition to ensuring that you always have a clean swimming pool, we concentrate our focus in two particular areas..

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We have a particular brand of replacement motors that are designed to fit pumps from 3/4 to 1.5 horsepower wired with 220 volts.

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No matter what condition your pool or spa is in, having a repair specialist from Ed’s Pool Service can ensure that you receive all of the repairs and..

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We at Ed’s Pool Service offer a very popular pool service where we maintain your pool water in a way that keeps it safe to swim while keeping its condition beautiful. Our clients all love our pool maintenance because we use few chemicals and provide pool water that feels great, and clients need not worry about storing chemicals at home. Our service allows you to clean your pool regularly without anything harsh.

We typically perform our traditional service every week or every other week with screened pools. Our typical service includes netting, wall brushing, tile cleaning, vacuuming, pool filter cleaning, and basket cleaning as well as checking the chemistry of the pool. We also offer custom programs like one time cleaning or multiple trips in a given week when there are heavy debris problems in the area.

We offer a brush, basket and filter service as well that cleans the baskets, brushes the pool and cleans out the pool filter either every week or every other week. When coupled with our premium chemical service, we can provide excellent service at an excellent value. Many choose this option from us, especially those who are interested in an automatic pool cleaner.

We also have a repair department to fix and replace all kinds of equipment in the pool. We offer motors that are energy efficient according to California code along with various products that can reduce your bill and give you the results you want. Our department will warrant its work for a year.